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Oklahoma Plans 

  • Quote from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

  •  Income Guidelines under the ACA

  • Special Enrollment Periods - What are they?

  • Non ACA insurance plans

  • Short Term Medical Insurance


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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still in existence despite attempts to remove it.  In Oklahoma there is one choice for coverage under this plan and that is with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma.  Texas has two choices for carriers.  There are other alternatives that are not under the ACA.  Also, making sure your doctors, hospitals and other facilities are in the network you need to use.  in Oklahoma and Texas this can be a problem.  Please review the links below for information on the ACA and non ACA plans. If you need assistance in choosing a plan please contact us.

  • Information on dental insurance

  • Request a quote

There are several dental carriers in Oklahoma and Texas.  The key is determining what percentage they pay and what percentage they cover.  Also, making sure your dentist is in the network you need to use.  We are familiar with what carriers are working well with your dentists and pay their claims on time.


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Texas Plans 

  • Quote from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

  •  Income Guidelines under the ACA

  • Special Enrollment Periods - What are they?

  • Non ACA insurance plans

  • Short Term Medical Insurance



Vision insurance can save you hundreds of dollars.  There are multiple companies out there and some are nothing more than a discount card that will not save you that much.  We have found that the best carrier out there is Vision Service Plan.  They have the  largest network of vision care specialists and have the most variety when it comes to plan coverage types.

  • What does vision plan insurance cover?

  • Look up a VSP doctor

  • Request coverage

  • Request assistance in getting a quote or information.

  • Types of Life Insurance and their uses:

  • Term

  • Return of Premium (ROP) Term

  • Universal Life

  • Whole Life

  • Variable Universal Life

  • Equity Indexed Life

  • Second to Die (Survivorship) Life

  • Final Expense

  • Guaranteed Issue

  • Group and Individual

Life Insurance is a product that has multiple uses.  There are multiple types of insurance out there from Term to Whole Life.  Before purchasing any life insurance you should ask yourself, Why do I need this?  How long will I need it for?  How much do I need?  We have found in some circumstance people are told they need more than they really do.    The other issue that should be considered is underwriting.  Some carriers are more strict in underwriting someones health than others and if you have health issues this can cause a problem.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance should be purchased after the age of fifty and while you are still in good health.  If not the price of the insurance will  increase over time and underwriting can become more difficult.  Over the past several years many carriers have pulled out of this market.  As the population gets older the carriers were getting hit with more claims and it became unprofitable.  Right now there are 5 to 7 carriers still offering LTC .  However, some of the benefits you could get five years ago are no longer offered.  Some thing to consider before looking for a long term care policy:

  • Where will you retire?

  • What can you afford in premium?

  • What savings to you have?

  • Do you have any health issues?

Please click here for more information on Long Term Care.​

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